Using Video is a great way to visualise what you do as a company. It can also be used to create training manuals and how to’s in a simple and graphical way. Videos can be paused, which makes it ideal for if you want to make notes or follow instructions as they happen.

Videos on YouTube and other Video platforms can be optimised for search, and because YouTube is the second largest Search Engine after Google, it makes perfect sense that your business should have a video presence there.

YouTube users are not worried if your video is created using a mobile phone, but we would always recommend using a tripod for stability if you go down the DIY route, but you can have a simple video like ours complete with a voice over for a relatively small cost, and for most business owners, having something a little more professional is very important.

How can videos help a business grow?

Video Optimisation TechniquesThere are a number of ways videos can be used to help your business grow online, and remember videos can also be a part of your offline marketing too.

Video Optimisation

A video, playlist and YouTube Channel can be optimised for search.

Social Media

Videos can be used on various Social Media Platforms to enhance your online presence.

Email Marketing

Videos can be used in an email to help engage on the page.

Paid Adverts on YouTube

The cost of advertising on YouTube is less than a standard text advert and can really boost company branding too if done right.


Using a video at Exhibitions is more likely to attract people to your stand.

Video Books

Did you know you can use videos within a brochure? A memorable leave behind.

Company Presentations

Why stick to boring PowerPoint Presentations, add a video for a little more show.

If you wish to discuss how we can help you create low cost videos and combine these with any or all of the above services, then please do not hesitate to contact either or Northamptonshire Marketing office or our Cheshire Marketing Office.