Google Analytics Used to Increase Conversion

Analytics Case Study

Working with a particular company for many years, they started to see a new influx of competitors and wanted to understand how they could retain customers better and also ensure that new visitors had a great experience.We sat down with them and presented a few facts that uncovered a story about their web visitors online user experience.

You see, delving into Google Analytics is far more than just Clicks and Data, it can tell a story about the user journey and you can identify problems and issues that without this data, you may never know. Certainly you may not know where to start to look.

In this particular case study, we wanted to look at how many customers abandoned the shopping cart and determine the reasons and then plan for a solution.

The abandonment rate in 2015 according to Formisimo is 68%, but this is an average, and different industries you would expect to have a slightly different expectation. In fact, for this particular client we would expect the abandonment rate to be much lower. They do not charge for delivery, and are very clear about that upfront, and so that is a major abandonment reason negated.

The facts

  • 53,195 transactions in total were processed according to Google Analytics
  • 105,230 visitors in total clicked through to order
  • That meant overall there was an abandonment rate of 51%
  • Nearly 40% of all their web visitors use a mobile device, and this is increasing year on year
  • 1,4,923 transactions were processed on a mobile device
  • 46,404 web visitors using a mobile device clicks through to order
  • That’s an abandonment rate of 68% via a mobile device

The next step was to see the full order process for ourselves, and we discovered that to order 1 item alone took 15 steps, of which a few were repeated. No wonder people abandoned the cart!

We could see the average sale amount from Google Analytics, when we looked at the e-commerce information that we had connected with Google Analytics. This information meant that we could calculate the annual increase in sales if we could decrease the abandoned cart rate by just 1%.

Of course, we want to aim higher and reduce the abandoned cart rate by 10%.

The solution

We plan to rebuild the online shopping experience in order that there are far less clicks, with auto-filled information available to existing users, and a mobile app for a much simpler experience on a mobile device.

Because we know how much revenue a 10% decrease in cart abandonment will create, we can also know that the project will have paid for itself in just a few months.

If your company is losing revenue in the shopping cart, contact us for a detailed analysis of your problem and a cost effective solution plan too.

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