Tops 4 Trucks
Google Adwords Case Sudy

Tops 4 Trucks



When we started working with Tops 4 Trucks, they were spending a  lot of money on their paid advertising yet ot getting a great return on their investment.


We worked with them to move some of that budget to Organic SEO over a year, giving them a more stable Marketing Strategy that would mean they appeared on both aid and organic, thus increasing brand awareness and the opportunity to be found.

In addition we gave their team training on Social media which also helped produce excellent results.


1) Having dropped the budget by half, Google Adwords campaign still gained 97.61% more visitorsGoogle Adwords Case Sudy
2) The number of pages people viewed through Organic search (driven purely by SEO) saw an increase of 19.12%
3) Visitor sessions increased by 40.49%
4) New users increased by 42.13%
5) The bounce rate has improved by 14.11%
6) The number of pages viewed per session increased by 1.36%
7) New sessions are up by 1.16%
8) Conversions increased by 41.67%
9) The conversion rate increased by 0.84%
10) The time it takes to place an order has also increased. In 2014 just 58.33% placed an order on the same day as they visited their website as compared with 70.59% the following year.


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