New Adwords Features from Google

After attending the Google Productivity Summit on-line 24th May 2016, we thought we would share some of the main keynotes with you all. Google Adwords gets a complete overhaul!

Adwords and Analytics are being completely redesigned.

Google said “its not IF we invest in Mobile but HOW we invest in mobile.”

Phones are the first thing we pick up in the morning and the last thing we put down at night. As marketers we have more opportunities than ever before, but we need to identify the micro moments – the moments that matter.

For example: The morning commute gives time to perhaps choose a fathers day gift. At home we may use mobile search to discover how to fix a leaky tap.

Brands need to understand consumer intent and the context surrounding it. Google provides deep understanding of consumer intent and context, which can grow your business. It shows us that consumers increasingly move between devices.

Longer Headlines on Mobile Paid Ads

From data, Google knows that paid ads with longer headlines are more useful to mobile users, as it gives them more easy to read useful information – so Google have expanded the headline character limit, giving us much more space to “speak” to the consumer on an advert.

In Beta testing this has lead to an increase in conversion rate of over 20% in some instances.

GDN (Google Display Network) Automated Ads

Google will now create beautiful ads to fit any sized screen by simply adding a few small details – image, URL and details

What will bidding look like?

Google has given the advertiser more control and flexibility for each device – starting in the next few months, you will be able to adjust individual bids for each device type

With additional control and flexibility you can optimise your bids for the devices that matter most to you – all in the new Adwords, redesigned and rebuilt based on the unique understanding of mobile use that Google has.

In 2016 – 1/3rd of all mobile searches relate to location. Whether you are looking for petrol or a cafĂ©… we use mobile search for every micro moment. Location searches on mobile devices are growing 50% faster than other searches, which is bridging the gap between physical location and online.

Brands are delivering in the moment that matter.

Google Maps

Google maps has more data than ever before and more opportunities to help guide people to your business. Reviews for restaurants and businesses, real-time transit information helps you plan around delays etc.

1.5 billion destinations are visited every month related to Google searches and in 2013 ads were enabled into Google maps

The next generation is using location extensions, you can take advantage of richer Google maps adverts on different devices, such as showing shoppers that the products are in stock encourage people to the physical store, this new information will be made available (inventory), ads will also show opening hours. Promoted pin, vouchers off. Gives business more opportunities to drive in store visits

As consumer demand for local info grows (Google tells us that 3 out of 4 people who search on a mobile visit the store same day) marketers have the responsibility to localise their campaigns for their clients.

How many store visits are incremental?

Research done by Google found that on average the number of incremental store visits driven by mobile ads exceeds online store purchases. The technology used is revolutionary, and can help you understand if a person has visited your store after clicking an ad. With 99% accuracy on this data (confirmed with follow up calls asking the consumer to verify that they did in fact visit a store after clicking on the advert) Google were determined to increase this accuracy by using beacon signals.

Search and Display – Programmatic Ads

The better we understand the customers, the better job we marketers can do. Google makes this easy for us by using Programmatic, where you can buy inventory using Double Click. You can use the power of data and automation to reach your audience, it does the heavy lifting for you.

Today’s announcement means that Google are extending reach of the Google Display Network buy giving access to cross inventory. Digital inventory delivers same high quality traffic. More reach, same precision a part of every gdn campaign. (Google Display Network)

Similar Audiences for Search

If you use remarketing, and as an example, let’s say users on remarketing list have searched for sunglasses, Google can be there for people who have NOT been to your website yet as well.

Demographics for Search Ads

If you need to adjust bids for demographics, such as by age or gender, Google announced today that this will be rolled out in the coming months.

Google is bridging intent and context. The shift to mobile has made marketers jobs more complex.
more channels, more screens, more touch points.

Google is making major investments into Adwords and Analytics to ensure we get the data for mobile based on 3 key principles:

  • Data needs to be at fingertips.
  • Adwords needs to be about our business, and less about Google Products.
  • Tools should be powerful and yet simple – remove clutter, be more intuitive.

A massive Adwords redesign on its way to help with everything including campaign creation – you fill in the marketing objectives and Google will recommend what to do next

When will the new Adwords be launched?

It’s in beta testing now, and unfortunately it wont be live until 2017.

You heard it first here.