M for Marketing

Marketing is often something that a business considers a “waste of time” or a “waste of money. It’s usually the first thing to go in leaner times. Yet, without marketing your business, it is inevitable that times will simply become leaner still.

How do you market your business?

Often people tell me they do no marketing at all, as they hand me a business card! Marketing is not always about expensive Television adverts, or Paid advertising on Google, it can be the little things too. Business cards and flyers are a valid form of marketing. 

As people are moving more and more to searching for products and services online, it stands to reason that more and more of your marketing budget should be online. However it is very different for many industries, and therefore every business marketing plan should be considered properly.

Look at the customer journey, make sure that you have investigated all the customer touchpoints to your business in great detail, and understand your customer persona too.


Does this sound challenging?

It can be daunting looking at your marketing in this much detail, but we have a proven method to ensure we get it right, and we also put in place measurement tools, so that we can track that we are on target to meet YOUR KPIs and business objectives. 

Design your Customer Personna
Work out the Customer Journey
Complete the Picture with Customer Touchpoints
Market in the Right Way, and Watch the Sales Increase

If you need help implementing your marketing plan, please do not hesitate to get in touch