Google Partner Gift Arrived

DSC03466A normal day in the office here at Skyways house, and a box arrived that needed a signature.

“Wonder who that is from?”… we said.

We opened the package to reveal a beautifuly packaged gift from the Google Partner Team.

Inside was:

  • A rocket we could build made from quality steel, complete with instructions.
  • A deck of fact cards, giving us all sorts of useful statistics.
  • A plan of action for our partnership with Google next year.
  • A 3d output of our satellite co-ordinates here at our office at Skyways House, Sywell.

What a fantastic suprise, and a great memorable marketing tool. One we shared with our clients Gee Company who were here are the time, planning their next year with us. In fact, Martyn from Gee, who is an engineer by trade, helped us assemble the rocket without reading the instructions.

What made it so very special was the message inside saying that this was exclusive to 250 high potential agencies, and is a bit of a kick start to the additional intensive training that Google has sponsored us for over the next few months. This exclusive course will give us insights, education and even more support from Google (is that possible?) to help us grow our clients businesses, and our own of course.

We love being a Google Partner!

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