Google Elevator Course Passed with Flying Colours

Google Elevator Course

After a very intensive 6 months training with Squared Online, a Google Elevator Course, and offered to those who were invited to the Google Elevator Programme, both Michael and Tracy have passed the course and both with very different tales to tell.

Let’s start with Michael who not only passed the course, but also got top marks for the whitepaper his group wrote as a part of the course on Virtual reality within Education. This was not only a massive achievement for his team, who were lead in the main by Michael, but his team were offered the opportunity to submit the whitepaper to Google for publishing.

We are still awaiting the outcome but needless to say, this is a huge achievement and we at M3 Strategic Marketing are very proud of Michael.

Tracy on the other hand did well all round and recently received an email to say that she had not only passed, but had achieved a distinction.  This puts Tracy in the top 10% and she has been recognised further  still, when she received a second email and a phone call asking if she would attend and speak on a panel at Google St Giles this month.

What does this mean to you?

It means that when you work with M3 Strategic Marketing you are getting the most experienced and knowledgeable people working with you.

We pass on that knowledge, no matter how large or small your organisation, in the aim of making your business succeed.

We are very proud to be a Google Partner.