Get in the Holiday Zone with Marketing

As summer gets closer, shoppers start to think about going away on holiday. According to Google Data, 89% of people who jet off on leisure trips research their trip online before they buy. In addition, 65% of business trip customers buy online.

Business Opportunities

  • The search term “Suncare” increases in summer months, keyword “suntan” sees a rise at first, then searches for “sunscreen“, “sunburn” and then “aloe vera”  follows after that.
  • UK holidays peak every July and in 2016 this is set to be bigger than ever. Searches increase year on year by up to 10%.
  • Waterproof Mascara also peaks on search during the summer months, as people plan to swim whilst on holiday.

Try Remarketing

  • On average, clients who switch from static remarketing to dynamic remarketing saw conversion rates grow by 2 time.
  • The same people saw their Cost Per Acquisition fall by 60% when they switched.

Think beyond Cost Per Acquisition. Craft dynamic and creative adverts inspired by real time data to connect with people in a powerful way. Keep it simple by focusing on creativity and results, strip away any complexities. Of course, also make sure your tags are working and collecting the data on the product or page that the customer viewed.


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Clients we work with in the holiday industry:

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