How a large charity are using Virtual reality and YouTube for brand awareness

Last night, we attended a charity dinner in London’s Church House Conference Centre, in  Westminster. The Chrity dinner was hosted by Islamic relief, and was attended by around 300 people from all faiths and backgrounds.

The aim of the dinner was to kick start Ramadan month, where many thousands of Muslims around the world fast for their religion, but also donate Zakat to their chosen charity.

Islamic relief are the largest Muslim Charity, and their funds go to those in need around the world, no matter what their faith, colour, gender or age, and this includes a very active department who ensure funding goes to those in need in the UK too, and who were first on the scene to give aid to those who were affected by the floods last year.

The event was glamorous and informative, but there was one item that stood out for us as digital marketers.

Virtual Reality

Islamic relief had some very powerful 3D videos created to show the plight of children in war torn Countries around the world. These have been added to YouTube, and if you acquire some Google Cardboard viewers, then you can see them in their full glory using the Google 3D app on your phone, giving you the virtual reality experience.

The fully immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experience meant we could watch how these children live and how they suffer, as if you were stood right next to them. It pulled at the heartstrings in a way that a normal video would never be able to.

Because it is relatively new to people, the popularity of 3D videos on YouTube is growing and the marketing opportunity for companies to enhance their brand awareness, as well as their technological expertise and know how is great.

If you would like to know how your business could take advantage of the 3D Virtual Reality (VR) marketing opportunities that are available right now, then give us a call on 01604 328899.